How To Earn Money From Auto Blogging Best Guide For Everyone?

In today’s Article, I am going to tell you how you can earn money from auto blogging. Friends, Nowadays it is very widely spread on the internet that we can earn money very easily from auto blogging.


Earn Money From Auto Blogging


That’s why I thought you should know all about it then how you can earn money from auto blogging and what is auto blogging. So read the article completely so that you can get all the information. First of all you need to know what auto blogging is and how it works. 


What Is Auto Blogging? 


Auto blogging is a process through which automatic articles are uploaded to your blog and website. To upload any automatic post to your blog and website. You have to set up a separate third party plugin After that automatic content starts being published on your blog. To do auto blogging, you have to go to the IFTTT website and create your account and set up your blog all at once. Post starts being published to your blog after. 


What Are The Benefits of Auto Blogging? 


  • You do not have to upload posts in auto blogging.
  • New articles will be uploaded daily.
  • Will save time
  • You will increase traffic. If you do search engine optimization.
  • You can also make money with auto blogging. 
  • When traffic starts coming to your website, you can earn money in many ways. 
  • If you do not have time, then this is the best for you because the posts will be updated automatically here, you will not have to do any hard work. 
  • Now your blog content properly, then your ranking in Google also increases. 


Which is The Best Platform For Earn Money From Auto Blogging? 


By the way, two types of platforms are used for auto blogging. One is blogger and the other is wordpress. But if you still want to know which of these is the best platform for auto blogging, then we give you complete information about it. 


1. Blogger


Blogger itself is a product of Google in which you need a custom domain. If you don’t want to buy a custom domain then you can also use the subdomain of blogger to do auto blogging. Auto Blogging is quite difficult for bloggers. Because of You cannot use the plugins that are used for auto blogging. In Blogger, you have to login to the IFTTT website and install rss feed ​​in your blog.  


2. WordPress


World Press is a very good platform for auto blogging because in WordPress you can do auto blogging very easily, in which you can install free third party automatic plugins and publish the post automatically. There is an automatic wordpress automatic plugin for doing auto blogging in wordpress. After installing which plugin in your WordPress blog. You can copy the other website rss feed and put the rss code in your automatic plugin and run the campaign. 


How To Set Up An Autoblog? 


Auto Blogging was considered the best way to earn money from blogging. Auto Blogging is such a practice in which you do not write articles yourself, but articles are automatically published to your blog. So there are different ways for you to set up an auto blog which you can follow. 

But the best way to do auto blogging out of all this is the WordPress plugin WP-O-Matic. This plugin automatically picks up the content from rss feed ​​and publishes it to your blog as a new post. 

Another popular way to do auto blogging is by using the WordPress Plugin Feed burner. This plugin allows you to easily pick up content from any other website RSS feed and upload it to your blog.

You can set up your auto blogging blog using any such plugin. Will automatically publish content on your blog without you doing anything.


How To Monetize An Auto Blog? 


Although there are many ways to monetize auto blog, the best way to monetize auto blog is affiliate marketing. You can promote any product and service through your blog and get commission after getting any sale you generate. 

Advertisement is the second way to monetize auto blogging. You can put advertisements on your blog, whenever a user clicks on that advertisement. You will get some money in return. There are many free ads networks, such as Google Adsense and, using them. You can put their ads in your blog and earn from auto blogging. 

You can sell any product or service through your auto blogging blog. As a call, if you make a blog of car detailing and when someone drives that blog, he wants to buy something from the car accessories, then you will get commission on it. Apart from this, you can also create a blog by writing inside Pet Care and earn money from it. 


How Can Auto Blogging Profitable And Not?


  • Using Google Adsense in Auto Blogging Can Get Your Google Adsense Account Suspended. 
  • Your blog will have no importance in the eyes of visitors. 
  • You will be able to do auto blogging for some time.
  • Your blog will be Penalize through Google. 
  • By doing Auto Blogging, your website will never be able to rank in Google. 
  • Your website will not be in google search engine. 
  • If your blog is on blogger then your blog can be closed at any time. 
  • Your visitor will be found on your blog. If you copy any other website then your visitor will never come on your blog. 
  • Your blog will also get go to sleep  from Google. 




What is auto blogging and how can you earn money from auto blogging? In this article I have given you all the information about it. I hope you have come to know about auto blogging. If you still have any question regarding auto blogging in your mind then you can ask us in the comment section. You will be replied as soon as possible. Apart from this, you also want to know about the methods with which you can earn money, then you can also read our other articles. 

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