7 Legit Way To Earn Money with Whatsapp in Pakistan

In today’s article I will tell you how to earn money with whatsapp in pakistan. So let’s talk about earning money from whatsapp. In this article of yours, we will know how we earn money using the very famous mobile application whatsapp. Today everyone is using whatsapp on our mobile


Earn money with whatsapp


You can see Whatsapp is an application on everyone’s smartphone. And you must also know that this is a messenger application where you can chat, video calls, audio calls, stickers, and text link you can easily send it. As you may also know how much WhatsApp is used. 

So why don’t we also earn money from WhatsApp using WhatsApp. how about if we target WhatsApp users and earn money on WhatsApp.  

This question has been asked to me by many people which I am going to answer today that how to earn money from WhatsApp. First of all let me tell you that WhatsApp is not going to give us any money, and no  we need to give money to WhatsApp but still we will definitely earn money using WhatsApp.


Earn Money With Whatsapp in Pakistan? 


Before knowing how to earn money from WhatsApp. You need to know earn money with WhatsApp and then we will know how to earn money using WhatsApp.


Complete Process Earn Money With Whatsapp? 


You guys already know that a mobile number is required to create a WhatsApp account and using WhatsApp we can also send messages to other people. That means if we get money from WhatsApp and If we want to earn. We must have a lot of number of WhatsApp users with the help of which we can collect money easily. 

What will happen is that we will send a message from our WhatsApp account to other WhatsApp users then he will see our message and if he does what we want, then we will earn from it.


Required Items To Earn Money With Whatsapp 


The things you need to have to earn money from WhatsApp are.


  • We must have a mobile number.
  • We must have an internet connection.
  • Many WhatsApp users must have number.


To earn money with WhatsApp, we don’t need much money but we need many numbers of WhatsApp users and then we will be able to earn money with the help of these WhatsApp numbers. If you do not have many WhatsApp numbers then you need to collect the number on facebook.  

An easy way to collect WhatsApp numbers on Facebook is to join a Facebook group related to your topic then post in that group and share your WhatsApp number in the comments if you want this information. In this way any person interested in it will send their number in the comment section and in this way we will have a collection of many WhatsApp numbers.

The more number of WhatsApp users you have then the more chances you have of getting money from them.

You can create a broadcast of any number of WhatsApp users. You have 256 numbers are added in a one broadcast. Similarly we can send messages to 256 numbers in one second with the help of a single whatsaap broadcast.


7 Legit Way To Earn Money with Whatsapp in Pakistan? 


How we want to earn money with WhatsApp depends on us. The first question that comes to our mind is that what we can do with all the numbers of WhatsApp users that we have. Help us earn and these are some of the ways we will earn money with WhatsApp in pakistan. 


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Teaching 
  • Link Shortening
  • Paid Promotion 
  • PPD Networks
  • Sell Your Own Products 
  • Own Promotion 


1. Affiliate Marketing


What happens in the Affiliate Marketing is that we have to sell the product of Amazon and any of the Affiliate programs that too on a commission basis and if someone buys that product on our request link then we get some commission in return.

First of all we need to create our own Affiliate program account for which you can go to flip cart and amazon then send us on whatsapp with the link of any product we want to reward. You can share it in the group then as many people will buy it after clicking on it. We will get a commission in return. Here you will find all the information on earn money from Amazon account. 


2. Online Teaching on WhatsApp


If you have a skill and you are good in that skill then you can teach people with the help of WhatsApp and to earn money in this way. First you need to find people who can interested your skill and attached with you and want to learn about and in return you can get paid from them.


3. Link Shortening on Whatsapp 


We have already provided you with all the information about how we can earn money from whatsapp by shortening url but here I also tell you a little bit information. We can use any movies and songs create the link shortener of the movie and song then sending it in the groups on WhatsApp. If anyone clicks on the link. We will earn money in return. If he opens the link.


4. Sell ​​Your Product on WhatsApp


If you have a product made by yourself and you have a shop in which you can share your product information in your WhatsApp groups and earn money by selling that product. 

What happens in this is that you have to share the picture and details of your product in WhatsApp groups. like if someone is interested in your product. Then he will contact you to buy it. Then you can earn money with the help of Podcast Selling on Whatsapp. 


5. Earn Money From PPD Network Whatsapp


PPD Network stands for pay per download. It means that every time a person downloads our apps through the your link. We will get commission paid in returns. Also you can share the link of PPD network to people in your WhatsApp groups by which we will generate income if they download.


6. Promote Yourself on WhatsApp


If you have a website and you have an online business then you can promote it with the help of WhatsApp. This will help you in whatever business you have and you will be able to use your business and you will earn more money using whatsapp. 


7. Paid Promotion on WhatsApp


If you have a great collection of whatsapp numbers then you can promote them and charge in return. 


For Example: If you believe that I have a collection of 700 WhatsApp numbers then I can tell you that I can send this post of yours to 700 hundred people in return for which you give me one thousand rupees.


About This Post: 


So friends, today I will describe with you all the details about earning money with whatsapp. I hope you enjoy this article. If you are reading more articles to earn money online then visit our site again. If you have any questions then ask me in the comment section. 


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