Making Money With Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program Complete Guide in 2023? 

We all know that Flipkart is the only e-commerce platform from where we can buy any product online. Apart from this, if we do blogging and you have a blog or website, then after joining Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program. You can earn commission by promoting its product on your blog and website. By doing this we can earn money from Flipkart very easily. 


Flipkart Affiliate Marketing


Actually, Flipkart is an India platform which is very popular in India and many people like to buy products from this e-commerce platform. Flipkart’s service is very good. That’s why flipkart went so after joining the program we can list its product on our website. Why buy these products from Flipkart when the chances of customers coming to our blog and buying them will also increase. 

When someone comes to our site to buy Flipkart’s product, then this Flipkart e-commerce company will give us some commission in return. The more products we sell through our website, the higher our income will be. If you have a blog, then you must promote the product from Flipkart on your blog because apart from Google Adsense. You can also earn money in Affiliate Marketing. That is why in today’s article we are going to talk about what is Flipkart and how can we earn money with the help of Flipkart


What is Flipkart? 


Flipkart is an e-commerce platform in India which was established in 2007 Created by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Earlier the owner of Flipkart used to work for amazon but after some time working for amazon. he decided that this is to launch his own e-commerce store. Flipkart is registered in Singapore but its main branch is in India. 

Flipkart was made only for the sale and purchase of books but now it has all kinds of products available. Now here customers get the opportunity to buy and sell all kinds of products. There are many payment methods available in flipkart that you can use for payment just like cash on delivery, net banking, debit card and e-gift voucher. Flipkart has now launched its own product called “Digiflip” in which you can easily buy tablet, mobile, USB, and laptop cover etc. 


Flipkart Affiliate Program


If you have a blog and website of your own, then you can easily generate a very good income by putting Flipkart’s ads in your website. All you have to do is to place Flipkart banner ads and links on your website. After that, any visitor who comes to your website, after seeing the advertisement of Flipkart, clicks on it and buys some product, then in return, Flipkart will give you some commission. 

Flipkart gives you commission based on the product. This commission varies from 5℅ to 20%. If you want to know about the commission list of flipkart, then you can read the commission rate on Flipkart in google. You can earn money in two ways using flipkart, in one you can shop for the money you earn in Flipkart, second you can transfer the money earned from Flipkart to your bank account. 

Gift Vouchers: What happens in this is that you cannot withdraw the money that you will get from Flipkart, but with that money you can buy any product from the Flipkart card store. This means that Flipkart will not pay you cash, but you can buy any product from Flipkart and when you have ₹ 250 in your account with Flipkart. You can buy any product easily. 

EFT: EFT means electronic fund transfer, In this method, the payment is sent to your bank account by the Flipkart app. Now your own gets crossed to one thousand, then Flipkart sends your money to your account. 

Flipkart Ads: You can customize a Flipkart ads very easily and you can easily generate affiliates of the product you want to promote on your website and put it on your website and blog. That is an easy way for flipkart to earn money online. 


How To Earn Money Flipkart in India 2023? 


After joining the affiliate program of flipkart. You will put its ads in your blog or website. When a visitor comes to your website and after seeing that ad, clicks on it and buys a product from Flipkart, then in return Flipkart will give you some commission which will be your earning. 


How To Join Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in 2023? 


Flipkart is the top e-commerce company in India. Best platform to buy products online. Flipkart is known as its best service And for this reason, it has become a popular e-commerce store. 

Not only can we do online shopping with Flipkart but after joining its affiliate program. We can generate a good income very easily. In which article I am going to tell you about this, so let us know how we can join Flipkart’s affiliate program. 


Step 01: Join Now For Free


  • First of all visit the Flipkart Affiliate Page.
  • Click on the “Join Now for Free” button, as soon as you click on it, the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program will appear in front of you. 


Step 02: Register


  • Now enter your email address.
  • Click on the button containing “Generate Email OTP” If you click like this, then six number OTP codes will come in your email. 
  • Now after seeing the OTP number in your email, submit this code by putting this code in the email OTP verify option. 
  • Select country code. 
  • Enter your mobile number. 
  • Click on Generate Mobile OTP option. As soon as you click, your mobile number will receive an OTP message of just six digits. 
  • Now in the mobile number box of 6 otp numbers ad now. 
  • Enter your password now.
  • Re-enter your password. 
  • Now click on the flipkart affiliate marketing terms and condition box. 
  • Now click on the registered option, as soon as you click on the registered button, you will see a customized tracking id page will appear. 


Step 03: Customize Tracking ID


  • We will get the tracking ID in our account by default but we can easily change it. 
  • If we want to customize our tracking ID, then click on the verify option, if not, then not click on the verify option. 
  • Click on submit button, as soon as you click on all submit button then in front of you flipkart affiliate marketing login page will be appearance. 


Step 04: Login


  • Enter your email address and password. 
  • Click on submit button, as soon as you click on submit button, you will login to the page of the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program. As soon as you log in, an option of My Account will appear in front of you. Now we have to add some of our details on this page.


Step 05: My Account


  • Enter first name and last name here. 
  • Select country code.
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Enter the dress. 
  • Add country. 
  • Enter your state name.
  • Enter your city name.
  • Enter the pin code.
  • Click on the save change button. 
  • Now we have to add the details of our website like website url, website traffic, etc. 
  • Now by clicking on details we have added the payment methods. Just like card numbers and bank details.
  • We can also change the password of our flipkart affiliate account and deactivate the Flipkart affiliate account by going to the account settings. 


In this way we can join our flipkart affiliate marketing program. Now we have flipkart affiliate marketing to earn from flipkart’s product has to be promoted on its website.  


How To Promote Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program Product?


  • login to Flipkart account.
  • Click on the option of the “affiliate tools” in the dashboard. 
  • Click on the option of banner ads and product link, now a box will appear in front of you. 
  • After entering the name of the product, select the category. Click on the button of the head, as soon as we search, the right products will appear in front of us. 
  • And below the product you will see its banner and product links affiliate link available. By clicking on these, we will get the affiliate link of any product. 
  • We can promote flipkart products by placing our banner ads on our website. 


If the link of the product starts happening on our website. The visitors can buy it easily. After coming to our website, if any visitor clicks on that link and buys a product, then we will get a commission in return. In this way you can earn money through the flipkart affiliate marketing program. 




I hope after reading this article. You must have come to know how to join Flipkart Affiliate Marketing and how to embed Flipkart Affiliate Products in your blog and website. If you have any questions regarding today’s article, then you can ask us in the comment section. 


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