50 Business Ideas To Let’s Make Money Simple With Google Adsense

As soon as we come to know about Google Adsense the first question that comes to our mind is on which topic we can create a website and make money easy with Google Adsense very easily. If you have the same problem and are looking for a topic to start your blog then today’s article is for you. In this post telling you about the 50 business ideas to lets make money simple with google adsense on any of these topics you can make your own blog and make money easy with the help of blogging.


50 Business Ideas To Let's Make Money


It is quite easy to create a website and start earning after running Google AdSense ads on it but if you publish your article on a topic with AdSense high paying keywords. You can generate a lot more income with the help of Adsense. I mean there are some topics where Google Adsense Ads clicks and you make money online in hindi  money than Adsense.


Make Money Simple With Google Adsense


If you want to write on such topics and want to make money online in hindi from Adsense. You can start working on it after selecting one of the 50 business ideas below.


1. Insurance Information


Google Adsense pays you more for insurance related keywords. Its maximum CPC is $54. It has very little competition and you can get $54 per click. So if you want to making money in India in less time then you can start working on this topic.


2. Finance


You can make money easy from Google AdSense by creating and working on a blog on finance news and finance tips.


3. Mortgage Information


If you are interested in a mortgage. You can create a mortgage information blog and in it you can also focus on mortgage rates and updates. So that home owners and buyers can get good information.


4. Loan Guidelines


What is a loan, how and where to get it, everyone wants to know about this topic. Most of the students search for an education loan on the internet. So you can help them by writing about the loan. You can earn money on the Internet with the help of Google Adsense.


5. Health Information


Health topic in the adsense website is a professional topic. If you have information about health then you can start working on this topic in which you can focus on general information and specially weak health related niche but in this you will get to see a lot of competition.


6. Home Treatment


 Many diseases can be treated at home so if you have information about home remedies then you can start a blog on home treatment and share all information about home treatment with your readers. You can also help people by sharing home remedies with them.


7. Technology


Technology is the best topic to lets make money simple with google adsense and it is my favourite subject. You can create your own blog and website and share daily updated content about technology. You will get good CPC on this topic. 


8. Fashion


As you all know who doesn’t love fashion nowadays so if you are interested in fashion then you can create a blog about fashion in which you can share with your reader about fashion designer trends, and you can share information about fashion tips. 


9. Sports


As you all know that everyone is very interested in sports. So if you are interested in sports like cricket then you can set your own blog on which you can write about sports on your blog. You can provide information with visitor’s about the sports. Such as sports news and updates on sports news such as cricket etc.


10. Diet Tips


Instead of writing on more famous health topics. You can also write on diet topics. You can share updates about weight loss tips with your readers.


11. News


You can write a topic on any trending news and publish it on your blog. It will also get you a lot of traffic but you need a complete team to start a news blog.


12. Beauty Tips


As we all know kids, old men, young men and women, everyone is interested in beauty tips but women are more interested in it. So if you are interested in beauty tips then you can work on makeup related topics.


13. Relationship Advice


If you have knowledge and experience in relationship counselling. You can start a website where you can share advice and answers to people’s questions.


14. Home Care


You can create a blog that acts as a great resource for homeowners, writing on an absolute spectrum of topics from home decoration to home repairs.


15. Family Topics


You can write on family related topics like festivals, activities, and printing advice etc.


16. Credit Information


In this you can help people with credit by telling them which credit card might be best for them and you will share all the information with your readers.


17. Real Estate Information


Real estate topic website is a very good topic for Google Adsense. You can share information about specific areas with others.


18. Fitness Tips


You can share information about fitness tips on your blog which will be great and helpful for workout people.


19. Automobiles


You can create a website in which you can share news of new models of mobiles and tips on its repairing etc.


20. Sport News


As you know everyone checks the news when the cricket matches start. So you can create a website that publishes daily sports news etc.


21. Political Updates


You can create a website where you can provide information about politicians and political news.


22. Travel Information


You can start your own travel information blog where you can share your travel experiences to make their travel journey easier like for example about airlines and hotels.


23. Photographic Tips


Advertisers also invest money in photography. So you can make a photography blog and earn money with the help of photography.


24. Stock Images


You can also create a website where you can upload free images and share them with others with the help of which you can earn free money online.


25. Social Media News


If you are a social media user and take interest in social media then you can create a social media news website and give daily social media updates.


26. Web Designing


If you are a web designer then you can create a web designing website and sell your web designing there and in this way you can earn money from the internet.


27. Whatsapp Status


As you all know, Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp. So you can create a website in which you can earn money by providing people with comedy, jokes, poetry etc.


28. Money Making Tips


You can create a money making blog and tell about ways to earn money online and offline. 


29. Business Tips


You can also create a blog where you can provide people with tips about online and offline business and how to make the business successful.


30. Market Tips and Tricks


You can create a market blog in which you can also provide updates about the product’s latest news in the market.


31. Advertising News


You can also create an advertising news website in which you can write about the advertiser’s company and also provide information to the advertiser on how to create an advertisement.


32. Education


You can create an education blog in which you can share work information and news with students and also tell about ways to get good marks in studies.


33. Education Loan


You can also talk about how to take out a student education loan.


34. Breaking News


By creating a breaking news blog you can share the breaking news in your country with your blog visitors after you write it. You just need to write good content first and foremost.


35. Law And Lear Information


You can also create your own blog about law in which you will provide all the information about lawyers and cases. It gets a lot of traffic from Google search and is the most useful topic for Google Adsense. 


36. Local Business Tips


You can create a local business tips website where you can provide ideas about local businesses in your area and how to make them succeed.


37. Farming And Agriculture


If you have knowledge of farming and agriculture then you can create a website for that too. So if you work on this topic you will making money in India than google adsense because advertisers pay more in it.


38. Cyber ​​Security


As you all know cyber security has become a huge problem for businessmen and consumers. So many people search about it on the internet so if you work on this topic. You can help them and facilitate their searching,


39. Search Engine Optimization


Explaining how to get content on the first page of Google. So you can create a site where you can give people tips on how to get their site to the top of Google.


40. Blogging Tutorial


If you have good knowledge about blogging then you can help people to create and run their own blog so you can also create your own blog on this topic.


41. Viral Topics


You can also write on topics that are currently trending on the internet and this will get you more traffic.


42. Trending Topics


This topic is very useful for both YouTubers and bloggers. So always write on training topics. You have more chances to get traffic and making money in India.


43. Online Gaming Training


There are more than one great game for playing games not only on mobile but also for computers. That’s why you can create your own blog about training games. 


44. Entertainment


You can share with people by creating an entertainment blog about movies, shows and comedy. It has a lot of traffic.


45. Celebrity News


You can get more traffic from google search engines by writing about famous celebrities. Your page will come up in front of their fans when they search about them.


46. Software Information


You can also create a software blog in which you can provide information about all the software.


47. Programming Language


Learning coding is a very good topic to making money in India. From adsense you will get more new people to your blog which will get more clicks on adsense and you lets make money simple.


48. Life Changing Tips


By writing about how to succeed in life, change life and make people’s lives better. You can also help people by creating a blog like this.


Out of these 50 topics, you can write on any topic and earn good income from Google Adsense. You just need to create a website and a blog of your own for it.


About This Post


Before starting work on any topic, You should select a topic on which Google Adsense pays more money and gets more traffic. Some of the topics I have told you in the article. Google Adsense pays more commission and traffic on some topics is  very high.

As Google AdSense pays more earning per click on insurance keywords. So if you work on high paying keywords. You will making money in India with less traffic. Now you have to decide which one you want. To start working on the topic.

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