How To Start A Blog And Be Successful in 2023?

Do you want to start a blog for free on your own but you are starting how I do not know almost every day a thousand people are starting their own blog but very few people in the blogging are successful. What is the reason for why not everyone is successful in their blog? There are many reasons why they are not successful in the blogging career such as wrong, bad work, bad experience, and some other objectives of the day because one day you can end the blogging career. 


So today in this article i have to guide a step-by-step blog. I believe that you can  follow from my point of view. Now new users can start a successful blog. When I started my blogging career. I did everything in one day. I still remember today more than that day. I have learned a lot by blogging. And those who are coming to my blog. Today I have got such skills in blogging that I can tell you about a successful blog. 

According to my experience if you want. You can create a successful blog within a month end in the next month. You can make 15000 to 20,000 rupees from the effort to make a fair. You need to follow the right path and you need to make a popular and famous blog.


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Maybe this information may be very long and you are tired but all of this information will be in 7 parts. You can start a successful blog after following 7 parts. And I say this to the grantee. You will find good news in the next month and people will know you as a successful blogger


Start A Blog in 7 Steps: 


  • Select a good blogging platform, a hosting service and domain name. 
  • Design your blog using fast loading templates and themes.
  • Design your theme layouts to get your desired look and feel. 
  • Making your blog look so amazing using plugins and other sources of methods.
  • Write helpful and meaningful or clear content that adds value to readers. 
  • Promote your blog on best place on social media
  • Make sure you’re not at fault. 


These seven tips tell me that if any blogger follows him then no one can stop him from being successful in the blogging field and he will never be disappointed in his blogging career. It can prove to be a master key in the blogging career. I know you already know about these 7 tips but have you ever considered and you have followed 7 tips maybe you did not follow them if you had followed you. You would have been very forward in your blog career today.


How To Start A Blog And Be Successful? 


Suppose you are a new blogger and you do not know anything about the blog but you want to start blogging but you do not have any ideas to start a blog for free. So do not take the tension after reading this article from you carefully. You will be so capable of becoming a successful blogger and you will get the step by step information that you want to know.

When I started my blog career. I did not have any information about it but I read the article on her english blogs on the Internet and followed the imported points and finally I launched the Business Idea Blog. And today I have reached somewhere else and you know all of you but if you consider me your idol. I do the some requested from you that you should have full information about any work before you do. And do not start any work quickly in the blog but let it be known and then start the work right.

The way you have a golden morning after the dark knight. It is successful after passing through a lot of righteous routes. 

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who don’t read their work posts. They just want someone to transfer files to their mind like a memory card. They learn everything friends; this can never happen. You have to do everything yourself and you have to learn everything and work hard. 

Before starting any kind of blog. The first thing that comes to the mind of the user is what I should do first to read this article carefully for information about it from beginning to end.


1. Select Right Blogging Platform: 


The two most famous and popular blogging platforms in the blogging world are wordpress and blogspot. New users have to face many problems and they do not understand how they should start their blog. In fact, the simple answer is that you should start your blog for paid on WordPress. 

Because in this you can do everything you want for your blog while you do not have full control in Blogger here I will tell you about some points WordPress and blogspot. In WordPress you can use your blog in any way while Blogger does not get full control of your blog and has very limited control.

Blogspot is a Google service and Google can make your article delete and remove. While google on the WordPress can hide and remove your article from google Search engine and google does not delete articles anywhere. 

On the WordPress you can do any feature with the help of the plugins while the blogger needs to be coding to you. 

In WordPress you can optimize any feature while blogspot can not optimize any feature. 

WordPress in the easy language gives you power to everything while blogspot does not allow it.

I don’t expect you to have the power to buy hosting and you can submit a hundred thousand rupees a month. You should start your blog on WordPress because you will take a month to work in Blogger. The same work can be done within three to five months in your WordPress. 


2. Hosting And Domain 


Hostinger hosting is best for starting a blog UK on wordpress. In the others i will suggest you another best Hostings like HostGator and blue host. You can use shared hosting for your blog in the starting. Then you can also upgrade your hosting after coming to your blog with more traffic. 

Why is the custom domain name for the blog? In this post you have said that the domain domain is required for your blog. If you want to make your own identity and be very successful in the Internet world. 

So you will need a perfect domain to know about this. You can read our blog and even the article. In my case, I have taken a domain from GoDaddy. One of your 3-month domain hosting will come to a thousand rupees that you can easily pay for. 


3. Templates & Theme


Its design should be good enough in Blog Success. If everyone has a good design of your blog, everyone will like your blog and like the best time will like to come to your blog. And I believe that you will find many beautiful and colorful things on the Internet but I will tell you that you will use a good and easy and fast-loading theme for your blog. If you, CSS, Java, HTML and PHP etc.

When it comes to coding. You can design your own theme. Otherwise you can use the paid theme as I have a framework genesis theme that is a theme of the world’s popular theme. The genesis framework is the best and the most used theme. 


4. Edit Your Blog


Once you have taken hosting domain and themes and put it in your blog for free and after that you need to edit your blog. In this the look and reality of your blog is most important. Header, footer, sidebar and layout of your blog all require links and widgets. Added do what is important for your blog.

Apply email subscription notification in your blog, use the feed burner and set it with your blog’s goods. And associate your blog with Google Analytics both feedback and google analytics is one of the google free services. 

It is necessary for each blog plus design a custom logo for your blog and set it on your blog and make money. 


5. Uses of Plugins


If you have started blogging on WordPress then you need to install some plugins in your blog which takes four months but you should keep in mind that you do not install too many plugins in your blog but only install the necessary plugins in your blog. Installing too many plugins in your blog will speed down your website. Which uses the wrong effect on your blog. I use the Rank Math Plugin in your blogging website. If you want to clean your website Cache. You can use this WP Super Cache in your blog using your website speed fast.


6. Write Interested Content


First of all you have to edit your Blog then to create some Imported pages in the blog for free. Contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, and some essential attributes you must have in your blog and then you have to write a regular post on your blog. And you have to put a very nice hand-designed image in your content in your blog post. I mean the image should be such that the user who comes to your blog will like this image. If the user likes your image then click on your post. 

It should be kept in mind that the images are very important for a blog. So as much as you can use your hand made images in the content of your free blog copyright images and copyright content try to avoid more than and try writing your own quality and original content try to write the maximum long content from the short content and share information with your user. 

The more important your written content is quality the more users will be interested in your content. Now it depends on how you impress your user with your content.


7. Promote Your Blog


If you have written 10 to 15 best articles in your blog then the most important task you have to do is to connect your concentration to the right place for this social media platform. It was very smart when I had my blog status. So I also used to transfer my traffic from social media to my blog which is why I get so much good traffic from social media. That is why I am running my blog today and in the world of blogging I succeeded.

Don’t promote your site on useless and unrelated groups and other forum sites and share your article on a good platform on the niche of your blog.


3 Reasons To Not Start A Blog?


Some important reasons why you can’t start your own blog and why you can’t start your blogging career and after you work leave it unfinished. 


1. Money


Many people are afraid to take domain and hosting and want to start blogging after selecting free domain and hosting and they will not start. Which is very wrong. You should not do this. Anyone can easily pay a thousand rupees a month. If you do not have the power to buy hosting then you can start your own blog by buying a simple domain also on free Blogger

You can easily find a domain in the market for eight hundred rupees and you can easily afford this money. So do not waste your career in the cycle of saving money once. If you succeed in blogging and making money. You will make a lot of money. 


2. Fear


Some people are afraid that if they do not succeed in the field of blogging then what will people think about it and they will be discredited. It is very difficult to succeed on the internet but nothing is impossible and  no one can succeed without working. If you want to be successful on the internet now you have to work hard and do something. We use the internet. We like a lot of such websites and we also want to design a website like this. We are praying for them.  


3. Traffic


Whenever a person starts their own blog the traffic is zero. So there is no need to be afraid this is not a problem your new website will have the same amount of traffic. But as soon as you work hard on your blog for free and follow the right path. I can say for sure that thousands of views will come to your blog one day. 

You can not only make a name for yourself with blogs but you can also make a lot of money using blogs and your relationship with people will be good and your relationship will grow. There is so much to learn. 


Few Tips From My Experience?


On the internet you will find many bloggers who will tell you about their success tips in their own way. In fact every blogger has his own style and his own experience. And he guides the reader to his blog accordingly. There are some points that make us successful which no one tells you about but I share the secret of my every success with my readers.


1. Find Your Niche


The most important thing in blogging before you start your own blog is to find the best blog for yourself below. If you don’t have any niche available right now, start thinking about the niche on which you want to design your website. Find out what topics you know and what topics you should start working on and keep in mind that you should do blogging not as a way to make money but as a skill. 


2. Describe Your Ideal Readers


Tell readers who come to your blog about you so they can find out about you, write a detailed article about yourself as well as your work and try to build good relationships with people. 


3. Add Value


And try to publish as much quality content on your blog as possible so that the value of your blog increases in the eyes of the readers. The better you write the more people will like you.


4. Be Original


One wonders why people like you so much when there are thousands of blogs on the Internet like your blog. 

Answer: Your blog is very different from others and you are different and your talent is also different and better. You do what other bloggers don’t do.


5. Be Interesting 


Try to write the best content that people will share with others after reading it so that they can share your content with other people. Establish a relationship with your readers so that they like to come to your blog and take more interest in you. Your readers should believe in you and your blog should be real and honest. 


6. Time


I know you will say you don’t have time but you have to make time for your readers. So that they can get closer to you after talking to you and like you more. 


7. Be Yourself


Every man is different so you should try to be different and so that people look at you differently.


8. Active on Social Media


They were active on social media and stayed in online contact with your social media account online.


9. Ignore Wrong Way 


When you select the right way then you will have many obstacles between you and some people who try to let you down then I will tell you that you can survive and avoid them.


About This Post: 


The easier and more honest you are, the more people will like you. There are not many ways to succeed in blogging, just a few ways you must follow if you can’t do it. So take one or a thousand other methods and in the end you will have to give up blogging. So I say put all the methods to one site. Start blogging by following these methods and some good methods.

By now you know how to create a successful blog and how to become a successful blogger. So I have a request that you do not select wrong ways to subscribe to our blog now and the next time you visit our blog for free.

I hope this article today has liked you. If you like this article, share it with your friends on social media. And to read such a more article on the blog so that you can receive our incoming post notification and read easily.


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