6 Popular Ways to Start Online Business in India And Earn Money

In India start online business 6 easy ways to Start Online Business in India Now. Today in this article I will tell you how you can earn money by starting an online business in India. I will tell you about six popular online businesses. The fact is that sometimes you want to earn more money and start your own business.

In which you don’t have to make any investment friends, it can happen because in this article today I am going to tell you how to start an online business in India. Today I am going to tell you about some online businesses like online businesses without investment in India.


start online business in india


Friends, if you are not very educated or you are very educated and you want to start your own business with the help of which you want to earn more money. And if you are an internet user then in today’s article I will tell you about 6 popular online businesses to start making good money online.

You don’t have to make any big investment in this and with that you can earn good money by using a little internet on your mobile and computer at home and you can definitely start your own business. So let’s go and know about 6 popular online businesses. 

The method that I am going to tell you is completely free of cost and you don’t need to pay anyone to work in it. You just have to work hard and you can earn millions of rupees, the rest is up to you.  Depending on how well you perform.


6 Best Online Business Ideas in India? 


1. Online Business From Blogging


This is a great online business idea and you don’t even need to make any kind of investment. You can create your own blog and what we commonly call a website and so on. Just like you can start your online business by creating your own website for this you first need a platform. You just have to select the right platform. There are two types of platforms: one is blogger and the other is WordPress. 

In my experience you can go to wordpress.com and create your own website. After creating a website you have to select a topic on which you want to post a daily article in which you can post and share your Ideas and Thoughts.

When your blog starts getting good traffic, I mean more and more people start visiting your blog then you add Google AdSense ads to your blog. This will ensure that when someone comes to your blog and visits your blog, they will also see the ads that are appearing in your blog and click on them. Then here you will get money in return.

To install ads, you first need to get approval from Google AdSense and then you can create an ad unit and install it in your blog. The more traffic your blog has  the more ads people will get. The more they see and click on them the more money you get.


2. Online Business Form YouTube


Friends, a question must be coming to your mind that YouTube is for watching videos. So how can you earn money with it but it is possible that you can earn money from YouTube for that you need to have a YouTube account. Create your own YouTube channel and then upload videos to your channel. 

You have to upload some unique and good quality videos made by yourself on your YouTube channel. So that more people come to your YouTube channel and watch your videos and keep in mind that. If you do not download and upload someone else’s videos and upload someone else’s videos. You will receive a notification from YouTube that your YouTube channel may be deleted, suspended, and banned by YouTube. 

When you start uploading good quality videos and people like to watch your videos then you have to get attached with a YouTube channel partner program then you get paid by YouTube for watching your videos and you will get good money. 

Along with this you can also earn a lot of money by putting adsense ads on your YouTube channel. There are many people in India these days who are earning lakhs of rupees this way.


3. Online Business From Freelancing


To start this business, if you are well educated and have some skills then you can start this business and earn a lot of money. Freelancing means if you have any skills like article writing, link building, SEO, designing, video making, and drawing, etc.

By doing all this you sell to another person what we call freelancing. In simple words it means you sell your own business. By doing skilled work and providing service to another person in return you receive some money from that person which is what we call Freelancing. 

Currently, there are many websites on the internet where people are looking for Freelancers. Such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers.com, etc. These websites offer both the option of buying and selling your skills. If you are a website developer then you can get projects in freelancing with the help of programming by the way programmers are paid on hourly basis and the charges for these programs are also very high.


4. Online Business From Affiliate Marketing


You can’t imagine how much money you can earn with the help of affiliate marketing. Many bloggers are currently earning millions of rupees a month on the internet with the help of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means that you can connect with any company online with the help of the internet from your home and sell the company’s product by doing an online advertisement of that company.

Like Amazon and Daraz, Snapdeal and eBay etc. you can make money selling these companies’ products online. You have to copy the link of any product that is relevant to you from here and then share it with the help of your blog and website and with the help of your facebook account and Whatsapp and promote the links by sharing them. 

When people buy a product from your promoted link in return you will get a percentage commission from the company on the sale of that product. So you can sell more products and make more money.  You can get affiliate commissions from 1000 to 10000.


5. Online Survey From Business


There are many websites in the internet world that will pay you good money for completing online surveys. These surveys do not require much effort and do not require any skill. In this you have to register an online survey provider website and you have to give Ideas, Views, and Opinions all the complete information about it. Such as Suveypaid.com and Surveyscout.com. 

These companies give you money for online surveys. With this work you can easily earn five hundred to six hundred rupees in a day by working two to five hours daily and if you don’t have much time. You can Join a survey provider company and with the help of which you can earn more.


6. Online Business From Data Entry


This is also a very easy and best way to earn money from the internet. If you have a laptop and mobile or internet facility at home then you can easily get data entry forms projects at home through your mobile and laptop. 

There are many companies on the internet that advertise their work for data entry but you have to remember that there are also many fake data entry companies out there that are scamming you. That’s why you have to take special care when taking a data entry project whether the company you are taking the project from has an office and a proper channel. 

If you want to work in this field. You can work in it based on your experience and knowledge because it has a high risk of fraud. Many companies will not pay you after you have done the work. And if she makes some payments. She deducts some money from your payment and pays the rest to you. 

I mean there are many fraud companies in this field, so before you work in this field gather all the information about what you are working for. He will not cheat you and if he does this to you, what is your solution? 


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So friends, in today’s article I have told you about 6 best ways in which you can earn millions of rupees from home by starting an online business in India while living in India and if you are interested in this article today. If you have any questions you can ask us in the comment section. We will give you the solution after reading your comment. 

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